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Azravi's Play It Cool At Berylliums has his own site on the website.

He did a wonderful showdebute at a local unoffical show and became BIS Puppy!

Then he won BOB Puppy the weekend after that and BIG-1 Puppy two weeks after that! Enjoy the pictures below of the "White Wonder"


Photo: Burlövs BK


Photo:Malin Åberg






Sobers Nevada BOB workingclass under Judge Vittorio Passerino, It and then BIS-4 Working dog under judge Darko Petreski, Croatia




Ch Azravi's Russian Imperial BOS at The Swedish Greyhoundclubs Breedshow. Judge was Janet Wood , Knl Ardencote, England.







Puppy Plans


No plans at the moment.



Puppy Plans


Page updated - go to Puppy Plans



Lure Coursing


Club Championship/South


Ch Azravi's Russian Imperial became a licensed Lure Coursing dog and was 2.nd best of all the breeds in his class.

Sobers Nevada 2.nd best Greyhound





Ballerup, DKK, INT Judge: Eli-Marie Klepp


Photo: Mats Olsson


Azravi's Russian Imperial BOS with Cacib and the title Copenhagenwinner 2013

Littersister Azravi's Russian Roulette BOB


Laröd, SvVk/s Judge: Jenny Dove, England


Foto: Mats Olsson

Sobers Nevada BB-2 with CAC



Lure Coursingnews


Ljungbyhed INT Judges: Tobias Jösch (DK), Steinar Mathisen (NO), Bo Forsberg (SE), Johnny Hedberg (SE).



2.nd place Sobers Nevada






Tvååker SKK, INT Judge: Jan Coppens, Holland

BOS with Cacib Multich Azravi's Russian Imperial



Lure Coursing

Sobers Nevada has gained her lure coursing licens and will soon start to compete in lure coursing.



Health news

Sobers Nevada is tested Free from GHN :)




Stockholms Hundmässa Dec 2012, Judge: Ole Staunskjaer, Denmark


Photo: Inger Johansson


Ch Azravi's Russian Imperial, Best-male 2 with R-cacib

Sobers Nevada, Best-bitch 2 with R-cacib and R-Cert. This was her first show in Sweden :) Unfortunatly I only have blurry pictures of Nevada :(


Donaueschingen, August 2012, Germany


First Day, Judge: Lisbeth Mach, Schweiz


Second Day, Judge: Frank Sabella, USA


Ch Azravis's Russian Imperial Exc 3 in Open class both days.


Other news.


Behaviour and personalitytest-dog, BPH


September 2012


This is a new form of test that is designed to fit all breeds and describes how your dog reacts in different common situations in life.


Both dogs were tested and we filmed them trough the test.


This is a picture of Nevada at the test that shows how affected the dog is of loud sounds. As you can se she could hardly wait until she was allowd to investigate it.






Short update

Ewe left us suddenly efter complications after a lage operation the 22 June 2012.

This poem describes what she ment to me. By W.H Auden



“Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good.”


We miss her deaply and nothing will fill the void that she left in my life.



Shownews Norweigan Sighthoundclub and Norweigan Greyhoundclub

Day 1, Judge: Olaf Knauber, Germany

Azravis's Russian Imperial ex-4 with CC in Champion Class.

Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe ex-2 with CC in Open Class

"Radar" judged by Mr Knauber                    Photo: Inger Johansson.


Day 2, Judge: Gilberto Grandi, Italy

Azravi's Russian Imperial Best-Male 4

Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe ex-4 in Open Class



Shownews Ljungbyhed Nat, SvVk

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOB and BIS-3. Breed judge Rafael Escar Tabuena, Spain. BIS judge Bitte Ahrens, Italy

 Photo: Magdalena Nordsäter


Shownews Stockholms Hundmässa Dec 2011

Azravi's Russian Imperial Bestmale 3, Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe unplaced in the championclass, but with CC, at the age of 7

Shownews Crufts 2012, England, Judge: Roger Stock

Azravi's Russian Imperial unplaced in a large, excellent open class.

Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe third in veterenclass




Shownews from Malmö INT. Judge: Horst Kliebenstein, Germany

Azravi's Russian Imperial Best-male 3


Photo: Brith Olsson




Lure Coursingnews, Club Championship 2011, unofficial coursing.

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOB Greyhound and Vice Club Champion 2011. Judges: Mats Brandt and Kicki Gustavsson



2011-11-05 and 2011-11-06


Shownews from Herning, DKK, Int, Danish Winner

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOS with Cacib and Danish Winner 2011, Judge: Henrik Johansson, Sweden


Photo: Inger Johansson


Shownews from Herning, DKK, Int

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOS with Cacib. Judge: Stefan Sinko, Slovenia


Photo: Inger Johansson




Shownews from Sofiero, SKK, Nat

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOS. Judge: Karin Hedberg, Sweden


Photo: Pernilla Wickström-Osietzki, Knl Bivvilis




Shownews from Bjerke, NKK, Int

Azravi's Russian Imperial Bestmale-2 with CAC and new Norweigen champion. He also gained the title Nordic Champion!

Skyings Eagle Eyede Ewe was shown at the age of 7 in open class and got a Very Good.

Judge: Juan Carlos Vasconsellos





Shownews from Ronneby, SKK, Int

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOB with Cacib

Judge: Ricky Lochs Romans, Nederländerna.



Photo: Kennel Merriness




Shownews from Tvååker, SKK Nat

Azravi's Russian Imperial Best - Male 2

Judge: Stefan Sinko, Slovenien


Photo: Ralf Ozetski, Knl Grey Moutain.




Shownews from Borås, SKK Nat

Azravi's Russian Imperial Best - Male 2 with CAC and became Swedish and Danish Champion!

Judge: Bo Bengtsson, USA/Sweden






Puppy Plans

Azravi's Russina Imperial will sire a litter at Kennel Churnwood in Denmark. Link under Puppy Plans. We look forward to this exciting combination!




Showresults from Tånga Hed, Swedish Greyhoundclub

Azravi's Russian Imperial Best Male-2

Judge: Inger Johansson, Knl Skyings




Sad news :( Se under Puppy Plans




Showresults from Ljungbyhed, SvVK

Azravi's Russian Imperial Exc and Best dog-2 with Reserve-CC.

Judge: Carole Tipler, New Zeeland





Showresults from Hilleröd INT, Denmark

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOB, CAC and Cacib. Qualified for Crufts 2012.

Judge: Harri Lehkonen, Finland






Puppy Plans

Ch Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe is now mated to Ch EPIC Genuine and hopefully expecting puppies.  





Lure Coursing training i Sjöbo

Azravi's Russian Imperial running together with another dog for the first time and Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe, almost 7 years old, running for the joy of it!




"Radar" concentrating on the lure.





Show results from Malmö INT.

Azravi's Russian Imperial BOB, CAC and CACIB 


Judge: Robert Blümel, Austria


Photo: Tomas Jeansson





Top Greyhoundlist of Sweden 2010


C.I.B Such Dkuch Skyings Eagle Eyed Ewe was Best Bitch 4



Photo: Mattias Lindström



Azravi's Russian Imperial was Best Male 6



Photo:Mattias Lindström






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